Analyze injection molds during production

Most of the defects of injection molded products are caused during the plasticizing and injection molding stages of the injection mold, but sometimes they are also related to the unreasonable design. The influencing factors include: the type of injection port, the number of mold cavities, position and size, and cold/hot flow. The design of the road system and the structure of the product itself. Therefore, in order to avoid product defects caused by mold design, we need to analyze the injection mold during production.

After obtaining the mold trial results of the injection molded parts, the operator usually needs to evaluate the specific conditions of the mold to avoid unnecessary cost and time during the modification process. In most cases, in order to make up for the deficiencies in the mold design, the operator may make incorrect settings without knowing it, because the parameter setting range required to produce qualified products is very small. Once there is any deviation in the parameter setting, it may cause the quality of the final product to far exceed the allowable error range.

Plastic molds account for the largest proportion of total mold sales in China, accounting for about 45%; stamping molds about 37%; casting molds about 9%; and other types of molds total about 9%.

In the future, the industrial development of the injection mold industry will pay more attention to the transformation of efficiency and quality manufacturing: the manufacturing flow guided by quality data will run through the design, manufacturing, and feedback manufacturing of mold companies, and integrate enterprise information flow, capital flow, and logistics realization under the framework of quality control Benefit, quality, horizontal and vertical two-way integration; use refinement, knowledge, and specialization to achieve value-added efficiency; software technology enhances the application value of hardware equipment and achieves value-added efficiency; customer data and management sharing, improve resource efficiency, operational efficiency, and research and development efficiency.

Opportunities and adjustments coexist in Chinese injection mold industry. The long-term development of the mold industry in the future will still rely on technological progress to enhance international competitiveness and strengthen the technology and innovation of mold products.

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