• Start Mould Offer Durable Parts of Mold

    Stamping punch, Precision tools, Insert molding Start Mould started in 2011, and since then, we are delivering high-quality plastic mold parts, metal stamping parts, and precision machining. Our team of engineers properly researches our designing and advance features of the products. We have four design engineers and six product engineers…
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  • Buy High Precision Machine Parts with Start Mould

    Precision Machined Parts, Precision manufacturer Start Mould started our factory in 2011, and since then, we are specialized in manufacturing plastic mold parts, Precision Machined Parts, metal stamping parts, and many more. Our factory covers 2000 square meters in area, and our company is certified with ISO 9001 audit with…
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  • What Are The Plastic Molded Parts

    Parts of injection, Molded parts, Insert molding Plastic Injection Moulding is used to provide a part of nearly each product in your private home or business. It is the fastest approach of forming plastic available. There are many benefits of plastic injection moulding procedure inclusive of reliability and price effectiveness.…
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  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Dragon Boat Festival is coming, our company will be closed from 12th to 14th June, the normal service will resume on 15th June. In order to reward employees hardworking, Company prepared Zongzi for everyone. Happy Holiday to all of you.
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  • The impact of mold parts on the auto industry

    With the improvement of the economy and life level, the number of autos also grows. When we see so many vehicles, we have to realize how huge production behind manufacturers. There is no doubt that the mold parts industry promotes the development of the auto industry. What does the mold…
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  • The mold insert molding process

    With the development of various industries, mold seems to be the must-have for those industries to manufacture their products. Then, let us learn some about the mold insert molding process. What is the insert molding? Insert molding refers to the forming process of putting the preparatory different material inserts in…
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  • Consequences of mold exhaust

    ① The gas undergoes a large compression to produce back pressure, and this back pressure increases the resistance of the molten material to the mold filling flow, preventing the molten plastic from filling the mold quickly, making the mold cavity unable to fill, and causing the plastic edge to be…
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  • Effect of mold temperature on product quality

    If the surface temperature of the mold does not reach the appropriate temperature, the surface of the product will be dim and very rough, and the surface quality cannot meet the requirements. High mold temperature can make the product better copy the mold surface. If the mold temperature is relatively low,…
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