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  • Estampació de peces de metall

Estampació de peces de metall

  • Arbust de guia recte

    Guide bushing | Straight guide bush | Router guide bushing kit | Guide bushings and adaptors Guide bushing router plate | Router template guide bushing kit Guide pin supplier | Understanding guide bushings | Stripper guide bushings Straight Guide bush Material: SKD61 Tolerance: +/-0.003mm as per requirement Finish: DLC coating…
  • Indicador negre químic

    Chemical Black gauge Material: SS400 Tolerance: +/-0.002mm as per requirement Application: Gauge is used to measure or test. Noun gauge is a tool you can use to make such a measurement. Temps de processament: 10 days Shipping: 3~10 days by DHL/UPS/FedEx express, transport aeri, etc..   If you have some problems about Chemical Black…
  • Bloc de calibre ceràmic de precisió

    Precision Ceramic gauge block Start can custom various chamfered rectangular ceramic gauge blocks to meet industrial needs.   Article: Ceramic gauge blocks Process : Grinding Material: Ceramic Tolerance: ±0.001mm. Instal·lació: Japan Sodick ALN400Gs,Japó Sodick AQ560Ls, Japan Seibu M50B Certificates: Certificat de material, Informe d'inspecció CMM, final QC reports Processing time 7 days…
  • Matriu d'estampació de revestiment TIN

    TIN coating stamping die Lower die with Titanium plating, TIN Stamping die | Metal stamping dies | Sheet metal stamping dies | Tin coating stamping die | Automotive stamping dies | Die stamping Metal stamping dies | Stamping die manufacturing | Stamping die design | Metal stamping dies Metal stamping…
  • Matriu de perforació en matriu compost en blanc i perforat

    Punching die in compound blank-and-pierce die In blanking the punched out piece is used and called a blank; in piercing the punched out piece is scrap.   Article: Die holder, lower holder, holding plate, stripper Process : Heat treatment - Mòlta - Wire cutting Material: SKD11 Tolerance: ±0.001mm. Instal·lació: Japan…
  • Matrius d'estampació d'alta precisió per a articles metàl·lics

    Stamping high precision die for metal article Upper punch, lower insert are both crucial parts in metal tooling Item: Precision high speed steel punch/die for compound die Process : Heat treatment - Mòlta - wire cutting Material: SKH51 Tolerance: 0.002mm. Instal·lació: Japan Sodick ALN400Gs,Japó Sodick AQ560Ls, Japan Seibu M50B Certificates:
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