• EDM machines arrive

    In order to meet the increasing orders of mold parts, our companies introduced 5 more EDM machines Sodick ADL32L. 2 have reached our factory last month, and 3 arrived today since they are imported from Thailand. Why we need so many machines? EDM is a popular and must processing method…
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  • What is a hot runner?

    Hot runner technology is an advanced technology applied to the pouring runner system of plastic injection mold. It is a hot trend in the development of plastic injection molding technology. The so-called hot runner molding means that the plastic sent to the sprue from the nozzle of the injection machine…
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  • Global precision machining industry market status and trend

    In recent years, the global machining manufacturing technology has been rapid development, production efficiency and technical accuracy are constantly improved. Among them, the improvement of production efficiency mainly comes from the application and improvement of automation, and the improvement of technical precision comes from the transformation of precision machining to…
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  • Design principles of mold parting Line

    1.Introduction When designing plastic molds, the choice of parting line is an important design content. The PL is reasonable, the mold structure is simple, the plastic parts are easy to form and demould, and the quality of the plastic parts is high, however, if the design of the PL is unreasonable, the…
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  • What is heat treatment? (2)

    The heating temperature is one of the important process parameters of the heat treatment process. The selection and control of the heating temperature is the main issue to ensure the quality of the heat treatment. The heating temperature varies with the metal material being processed and the purpose of the…
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  • What is heat treatment ?

    Metal heat treatment is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing. Compared with other machining processes, heat treatment generally does not change the shape and overall chemical composition of the workpiece, but change the microstructure inside the workpiece or changing the chemical composition of the surface of the workpiece…
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    When producing plastic products through injection moulding, you can choose either a a single or a multi-cavity mould. What is the contrast between the two and how might you find the solution for your injection moulding project? We will introduce this and more beneath. The distinction between single-cavity and multi-cavity moulds A single-cavity mould creates a…
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  • How to solve common problems in polishing (2)

    1) Causes of "pitting" on the surface of the workpiece Because there are some non-metallic impurities in the steel, which are usually hard and brittle oxides, they are pulled out from the surface of the steel during the polishing process to form pitting corrosion. The main factors that produce "pitting…
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  • How to solve common problems in polishing (1)

    1) Over polishing The biggest problem encountered in the daily polishing process is "over-polishing", which means that the longer the polishing time, the worse the quality of the mold surface. There are two phenomena of over-polishing: "orange peel" and "pitting". Excessive polishing occurs mostly in mechanical polishing. 2) Reasons for…
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  • Do you know how many injection molds types there are?

    Single parting lineinjection mould When the mold is opened, the movable mold and the fixed mold are separated to take out the plastic part, which is called a single parting line mold, also called a double plate mold. It is the simplest and most basic form of injection molds. It can…
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  • New machines arrive

    The Spring Festival is coming, everyone is looking forward to the New Year, Meanwhile,Start is intensively arranging the processing of orders and sets up new machines. Takisawa lathes EX-GALAXY and NEX-108 are in place today. Because of the continuous expanding of the abroad business,and the increase in processing orders, the original…
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  • How did China’s mold market develop in 2020

    The 2020 epidemic has caused many uncertain and unconventional market changes. Industries in all countries of the world have been severely affected, and the mold industry has also suffered greatly. However, China's mold industry has a large market and many investment opportunities for industrial upgrading. Mold is an important process…
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  • Application of copper in mold

    1. Natural properties of copper Copper is one of the earliest ancient metals discovered by human beings. Pure copper is light rosy colour or light red. After a copper oxide film is formed on the surface, the appearance is copper-colored. Copper has many valuable physical and chemical properties, such as…
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  • What is die casting?

    1. What is die casting? Die casting is a casting method in which molten alloy liquid is poured into a press chamber, the cavity of a steel mold is filled at high speed, and the alloy liquid is solidified under pressure to form a casting. 2. What is hardware? Gold,…
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  • Stamping die

    What is stamping? Stamping is a forming method that relies on presses and dies to apply external force to plates, strips, pipes and profiles to cause plastic deformation or separation, so as to obtain workpieces (stamping parts) of desired shape and size. Stamping machinery and stamping dies are essential for stamping processing, Stamping…
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  • What is surface treatment?

    In the working process of parts, due to the wear, corrosion and fatigue of their surfaces, they have caused very amazing economic losses. Therefore, our technical workers use physical, chemical, mechanical and other methods to change the structure of the surface of the components, that is, surface treatment , To…
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  • Analyze injection molds during production

    Most of the defects of injection molded products are caused during the plasticizing and injection molding stages of the injection mold, but sometimes they are also related to the unreasonable design. The influencing factors include: the type of injection port, the number of mold cavities, position and size, and cold/hot…
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  • Shrinkage caused by plastic mold production

    Plastic shrinkage refers to the percentage difference between the size of the plastic part at the molding temperature and the size after being removed from the mold and cooled to room temperature. It reflects the degree of shrinkage of the size of the plastic part after it is taken out…
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