Design principles of mold parting Line


When designing plastic molds, the choice of parting line is an important design content.

The PL is reasonable, the mold structure is simple, the plastic parts are easy to form and demould, and the quality of the plastic parts is high, however, if the design of the PL is unreasonable, the mold structure becomes complicated, the plastic part is difficult to form, and the quality of the plastic part is poor. It’s obvious that the selection of the PL is very important to the design of the mold structure.

2: Parting Line

The parting line is the junction of the movable mold(B plate) and the fixed mold(A plate). It is usually the largest shape of the plastic part. And it is designed for the removal of the plastic part and the condensate.

3: Types of PL

  1. flat parting line(eg a)
  2. Inclined parting Line (eg b)
  3. Step parting Line (eg c)
  4. Curvedparting line (eg d)

4: Rules of PL design