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CNC Precision machining

High-end imported CNC machines and precision tools make us have the ability to produce high-precision complex mold parts.

EDW Precision machining

The world-famous wire cutting brand machines have advantage in machining various complex shapes and tiny ruled surface. So it’s irreplaceable both in surface cutting accuracy and processing efficiency.

EDM Precision machining

EDM machines have advantage in processing various complex special surfaces, such as narrow slits, grooves, corners and so on. It is not affected by the hardness of the material and helps achieve the mirror finish and ㎛ accuracy according to experienced craftsman.

G Precision machining

Our grinding technicians are proficient and progressive in surface, cylindrical and optical grinding. So we can process not only the inside and outside the cylinder and cone, but also camber, groove, various irregular high precision mold parts within the drawing tolerance.

Quality assurance

We have most precision inspection equipment, a rich experienced quality control team to strongly ensure the products quality guided by the quality system.