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The elements of safety protection of mould protection system of injection molding machine

As the major production tool, the injection molding machine determines the products' shape, specification, size, and surface perfection. Hardware molds are made of steel, and they generally consist of front die and back die.

The protection of molds

Because molds possess the characteristics of specificity, precision, vulnerability, etc., it's crucial for the safety protection of molds. Generally, it can be summarized several points as follows:

  1. Anti-rust: prevent the mold of injection molding machine from rusty phenomenon caused by leakage, condensate water, rain, handprint, etc.
  2. Anticollision: prevent the mold from the phenomenon of cracking up caused by thimble fracture and the incorrect return.
  3. Burr removal: prevent the mold from the burr caused by cloth wiping, hand wiping, material flushing, plastic nipper touching, knife touching.
  4. Lack of parts: prevent the mold from damage during the use process caused by lack of parts, such as pull rod, gasket, etc.
  5. Pressure defense: prevent the mold from pressure damage caused by mold clamping because of the rest products.
  6. Lack of pressure: prevent the mold from damage caused by excessively high protection pressure.

Among the above, the proportions of mold damage caused by thimble fracture, the incorrect return of thimble, the rest of the products on the mold, and lack of parts are higher. And because of the frequent happening, more than 85% of molds' damage results from these. The maintenance fee of mold is widespread high. Therefore, how to avoid these circumstances involves the benefit of low pressure injection moulding.

To avoid the production delay and expensive maintenance fee caused by mold damage, and to better save the manual resource, there is a kind of product which is called "Mold Product" in the market.

A mold monitor, or die protector, also known as the die electronic eye, can effectively protect the valuable die. Mold expert Luo Baihui said, "injection molding machine mold protection system, installed in the injection molding machine, can directly check whether the product is qualified, and before closing the mold to check whether there is residue, to prevent mold clamping loss. When the injection molding machine is running, expensive molds may be damaged in every circle because of plastic residue or slider dislocation. It prevents these situations from happening and automatically prevents mold closure and alarms when abnormalities occur.

If you damage the mold because of not taking effective mold protection, we will recommend you these suggestions as follows:

Notice of repairing

  1. When taking apart the mold, avoid collision damage and water damage, and move stably.
  2. Spray hot mold, and then spray a little release agent.
  3. Check the mold totally and prevent it from rust. Be careful to wipe dry its core pin, drive out the moisture and sundries in the parts of the mechanism, row position, etc., and spray the mold antirust agent and apply the butter.

Mold maintenance

The mold with problems, such as die casting mold parts abrasion, lubricant deterioration, water leakage, pressure damage by plastic moulding materials, etc., caused by moving needs to maintain. Mold maintenance can be divided into two categories, including daily maintenance and lower die maintenance. The daily maintenance commonly includes as follows:

  1. Regularly remove the rust (the appearance, PL surface, mould core, etc.)
  2. Regularly add the lubricant again (ejection mechanism, row position, etc.)
  3. Regularly adapt the vulnerable parts (pull rod, gasket, etc.)
  4. Another worth noticing

The lower die maintenance of the mold needs the professional serviceman to take apart and professionally test and protect the mold cavity, thimble, etc.


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