TIN coating stamping die
TIN coating stamping die
Tłoczenie powłoki TIN

Stamping parts form the frame of automobile, stamping die are the core for tooling

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Tłoczenie powłoki TIN

Lower die with Titanium plating, TIN

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Item: Stamping die for the frame of automobile
Process: Grinding-Wire cutting – EDM- Polishing- TIN
Material: Tungsten carbide
Tolerance: ±0.001mm.
Facility: Japan Sodick ALN400Gs, Japan Sodick AQ560Ls, Japan Seibu M50B
Certificates: Material certificate, CMM inspection report, final QC reports
Processing time 10 days
Shipping: 3~7 days by DHL/UPS/FedEx express, air freight etc.
Delivery & Service: Timely delivery each time with safe packaging. Provide reliable service and responsible product.

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