The impact of mold parts on the auto industry

With the improvement of the economy and life level, the number of autos also grows. When we see so many vehicles, we have to realize how huge production behind manufacturers. There is no doubt that the mold parts industry promotes the development of the auto industry. What does the mold industry affect the auto industry? What influences do the auto industry make on the mold industry, what does it requires to the mold industry?

Mold is applied to produce in bulk.

First of all, mold is applied to produce in bulk. Therefore, the widespread and motivated application of mold is the development direction of the industrial and manufacturing industry.

Previously, the outer shells of many autos are manually struck by workers. Nowadays, for 500000 vehicles output per year of the Dazhong, it is hard for us to imagine how to realized the output if we still rely on the manual knock by workers.

The functions of mold to autos

Improving production efficiency is the strength of the mold, which makes the corporation remain invincible in the intense competition. However, the injection mold components are now applied to auto manufacturing or fittings like plastic mold components, lamps, steel plate shells, etc. But the true automotive core engine still uses cutting techniques rather than mold technology.

Mold technology is applied to neither the engine nor the crankshaft on the vehicles. Why is it? As we all know, molding technology needs the adaptability of mold parts. For the crankshaft and rod, it is significant for their diameter and thickness. It is now possible to use crankshafts with molds, which are then cut to complete the machining.

When the working accuracy is pretty high, the mold can not cause a good effect. At present, a good mold can attain the 0.1-0.01mm accuracy. Compared to the previous mold, the precision makes great progress. But the required precision of parts like motors is under 0.001mm, even more accurate. Therefore, mold can't replace cutting operations completely.

The design of the auto parts mold

As the basis of the auto industry, auto parts are necessary factors to support the sustained and healthy development of the auto industry. In particular, the current automotive industry with vigorous, motivated, and independent development and innovation needs a powerful parts system for supporting greatly.

In the process of design and manufacture, automotive plastic parts manufacturers mostly form unique production crafts. These production processes possess unique competitive advantages in improving product performance, product reliability, and production efficiency and cost reduction. Moreover, the main engine fitting market requires mold components suppliers for stronger new techniques and the development ability of new products to take the initiative to participate in the vehicle manufacturer's product synchronous development.

According to structural features of auto mold and other precision molds, various mold parts are realized the standardization with greatly declined cost, shortened manufacture cycle, effective improvement of process accuracy.


At present, the degree of finish and roughness of the mold make big progress. However, the mold is also made by the machine tool building. If the machine tool precision can not reach the standard, then will the product require higher accuracy?

Applying the mold technology is the certain tendency of the intense competition at present. It is more important to improve the competitiveness of mold itself to satisfy the market needs. Improving the high precision of mold parts is the requirement of mold industrial development but also auto industries.

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