The precision of mold and die will be higher and higher

With the sustained development of the economy, people's life is constantly improved. And the requirement of people for spirit and substance is increasingly higher, which promotes the innovation and development of industries. The demand for the hardware of industries is increasingly stronger, resulting in a different change of the hardware industry. The industry of mold and die is an important part of our hardware industry.

The five-year period is the key period of properly dealing with the environmental important change of domestic and foreign development in our country and speeding up to realize the comprehensive construction well-off society goal. And it also is the key period of the healthy development of the mold manufacturing industry in our country. Although there are many uncertain factors in the domestic and foreign environment, the economic development of our country is still in the growth period. There is still a comparative advantage for domestic die and mold in the international market, The domestic die and mold market is expected to continue to be optimistic, and the development of the die and mold industry presents a general trend.

Fusion of appearance and function

Furniture hardware is divided into two big categories, including decorative hardware and functional hardware. Many furniture hardware manufacturers invisibly separate the two. Decorative hardware does not pay attention to functional development, and the decorative development research of functional hardware is insufficient, which leads to the disconnection between the two. Taking the door accessories as an example, the function and structure are constantly improving and completing over the years, but the unity of its decoration is not paid attention to. Although many products are very easy to use, it always looks not pleasing to the eye. In recent years, with the improvement of the level of innovation and design, many designers have paid attention to furniture hardware and inspected it with the concept of industrial design, which makes the appearance and function of furniture hardware better infuse into the trend of furniture hardware development.

The precision of the mold will be higher and higher.

Ten years ago, the precision of precision moulds and components was 5 microns, now it has reached 2 to 3 microns, and the 1-micron precision die will be on the market soon. This requires superfinishing. The mold industry will become increasingly large. This is due to the parts of moulding dies increasingly large and the development of a mould cavity according to the high production efficiency requirements. Mold industry multi-functional composite die will be further developed. In addition to stamping the molding machine parts, the new multifunctional composite dies also take on the assembly tasks, such as overlaying, tapping, riveting, locking, etc. And the performance requirements of steel are getting higher and higher.

With the improvement of the economy, mold and die are widely used in various industries. If you are looking for a mold parts manufacturer, welcome to visit the startmould. We are a professional supplier specialized in any mold.


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