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The 5th precision mold processing technology : CNC Lathe

Date:2019-10-24Article editor:Starting Point PrecisionViews:2223

CNC lathes are also commonly used in the mold shop, and the processing range is all revolving parts. Due to the high development of numerical control technology, the complex shape of the rotary body can be easily realized by programming, and the machine tool can automatically change the tool, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The machining precision and manufacturing technology of CNC lathes are becoming more and more perfect, and there is even a tendency to use the car to grind. It is often used to process round inserts, struts, positioning rings and other parts in the mold, and is widely used in pen molds and bottle mouth molds. In fact, the function of the advanced CNC lathe is no longer limited to the "car", has been expanded into a turning-milling integrated machine tool, a complex, multi-process parts, and even can be processed all at once.

Foreign advanced CNC turning machine tool manufacturers include German DMG, Swiss Tonas, Japan Yamazaki Mazak, German Shute, American Harding, American Haas and so on. 

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