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The 3rd precision mold processing technology: EDM

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EDM is suitable for the processing of complex small chambers, narrow slits, grooves, corners and other complex parts. When the tool is difficult to reach a complex surface, where deep cutting is required, where the aspect ratio is particularly high, the EDM process is superior to the milling process. For the machining of high-tech parts, the re-discharge of the milling electrode can increase the success rate, which is more suitable than the high cost of the tool. In addition, where spark-precision is specified, EDM is used to provide a fire-patterned surface.08.jpg
Today, with the rapid development of high-speed milling, the development space of EDM has been squeezed. At the same time, high-speed milling has brought greater technological advances to EDM. For example, the use of high-speed milling to manufacture electrodes, due to the realization of narrow area processing and high-quality surface results, the number of electrodes is greatly reduced. In addition, the use of high-speed milling to manufacture electrodes can also increase production efficiency to a new level and ensure high precision of the electrodes, thus improving the accuracy of EDM. If most of the machining of the cavity is done by high-speed milling, EDM is only used as an aid to clear the corners, so that the amount is more uniform and less.09.jpg

The precision discharge machine can realize mirror EDM with Ra<0.1μm and achieve uniform and uniform matt surface and all kinds of grain processing when the processing area is less than 20cm2. For fine parts, such as connectors, it is possible to achieve a clear angle of less than 0.02 mm and a machining accuracy of less than 5 μm. The machine tool expert system, for the popular processing situation, intelligently generated discharge parameters can achieve excellent processing results, for the discharge of special and complex parts, provide special process modules, such as ic, led, connectors, large cavity , narrow slits, rsm grain, etc. These optimized processes are the integration of expert experience. In the case of a machine equipped with a quick-clamp positioning fixture and an electrode automatic changer, it is possible to perform unmanned automatic discharge machining for a long time.

Foreign advanced EDM equipment manufacturers include Swiss GF processing program, Japanese Makino, German OPS, Japan Sodick, Japan Mitsubishi, Germany Axor, Spain Ona and so on.

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